Sample Sailing Instructions

The following were the operating regulations governing  Staff sailing events at U.L.A.C. 1996-1998
They are reproduced here in the hope they may be of interest & perhaps even of use!

 General Procedures
Remember people come first, boats don't drown!

 Guidelines for Sailors
    Personal Gear and Rigging Your Boat
      Obtain wetsuit and buoyancy aid from "cage".
      Obtain sails from sail locker (check you have right type). Take care on steps.
      Rig your boat (ask for assistance if you need to).
      Put on wetsuit and buoyancy aid - it is easy to forget the latter!
    Launching and Recovery.
      Check all bungs are in and working.
      Tie up centreboard and rudder before launch and recovery.
      Harbour area is shallow, walk boats out to breakwater. Lift Centreboard and Rudder when
      inside small yellow buoys at breakwater.
      Launch at the "slippery slip" and go on the lake to the left of the breakwater.
      When returning to shore turn the boat "head to wind" and get out at the breakwater.
      Store away trollies after launch, keep slip clear.

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    On the Water
      Stay near the fleet where possible.
      Render assistance when necessary.
      If going away from the fleet, go in pairs and keep check on each other, but stay within designated sailing area (large yellow markers).
    Unrigging/Putting Away
      Replace all boats and equipment in its proper place - boats neatly parked with covers on,
      sails in the sail loft.
      If equipment is broken or not working properly inform the Centre.
      Dunk wetsuit in the barrel in the wetsuit locker and hang up in its size category hanger.
      Hang up buoyancy aid.
 If in doubt, ask questions! Think Safety!!!
Racing Instructions
     Rules Course  Starting Procedure
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